LOVE this piece, Claudia. So well done. I know I'll be thinking back on this one for a long while.

I can't remember if I've already recommended Julia Watson to you, but upon reading this piece, as well as your replies throughout the comments, I thought her work might be of interest:

- Lo-TEK: Design by Radical Indigenism by Julia Watson... https://www.taschen.com/en/books/architecture-design/04698/julia-watson-lo-tek-design-by-radical-indigenism (I recently picked up a copy of this book and am loving it so far)

And then...

- Julia Watson on the Time Sensitive Podcast... https://timesensitive.fm/episode/anthropologist-landscape-designer-julia-watson-indigenous-technologies-transform-our-planet/

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Hey Claudia:) The concept of The Museum of Life is just fascinating and really interesting, can't stop loving the picture of "The memory of me pulsating in every atom", makes me think how we're going to transform from this life to another!

Amaizing writing, thank you:)

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at least with me you know it will be genuine ok genuinely off-beat

i sense you could handle that

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so interesting!

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this is straight up seductive sci-fi inn every respect....bend it to your will hell if i couyld come up with this idea i'd ride it into sunset and never look back even if its STILL rainy and cold

in Austria lol

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I think you've successfully walked the line between prose and poetry with this out-of-body / out-of-mind piece. I can also see the link to our earlier exchange on notes! The advent of a 'digital mausoleum' may come much sooner, as the first digital generations abandon both their social and physical planes.

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Thank you for this interesting meditation. "The snapshot of a singular existence." is beautiful poetry.

As a human I am preferential to a human-centric world view. Technology enables us to survive and live long and happy lives. We cannot deny that technology is a profoundly human focus (medical care, food production, etc.). I would prefer a child not go hungry than a blade of grass not be trampled.

I wonder if you share my worldview. When you say 'earth-centric' world view, do you really mean a better balanced set of priorities that still prioritizes humans first but takes intelligent accounting for the world upon which we rely on for survival?

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Hi Claudia,

A joy and a suprise to wake up and see there was a new story from you.

A really beautiful and meditative read, especially as I transition through waking up (currently with tea, not coffee; though no Dried Shrimps ;))

I get a real sense of wisdom from Shia, which isn't surprising given she lived to 78 and then had her consciousness uploaded 1000 years ago. A lot of time to ruminate on existence, I would think.

I love all of this, but especially this line: "I am the blueprint of a constellation of atoms and molecules held together by finite time."

That notion that we are all stardust has always given me calm, rather than existential dread. You've captured that--and the fact that when we die we give back by letting our unique combination of atoms go free back into the universe--so well here. Amazing. Thank you for the read and mediation on life and death and person.

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